Humanitarian situation in Tigray (27 September 2022)

On 11 September, the Ethiopian new year 2015 has started, again under dire conditions. Almost two years of war, and the necessary time lag is already there for international investigations – expectedly, as they have been exposed, the Ethiopian government rejected the outcomes of the ICHREE investigations (section 1). Further, this digest stresses the siege and... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (2 September 2022)

Dear reader, Things are not going well, and the situation looks like a clear attempt of a second invasion of Tigray, by the tripartite Ethiopia/Amhara/Eritrea. Unlike the 2020 situation, the Tigray military seems better prepared, and having seen the war crimes including starvation organised by PM Abiy Ahmed and associates, all are aware what is... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (25 August 2022)

Journalist and opinion maker Tsedale Lemma: “Whether the conflict spreads or not, things can hardly get any worse for Tigrayan civilians. Whether they die of a bullet or of a siege...” in The New York Times: Fighting Erupts in Northern Ethiopia, Shattering Cease-Fire! Dear reader, Unfortunately, yesterday war has flared up at the Tigray border. At this stage, it is not sure... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (17 August 2022)

URGENT: The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia has extended the deadline to submit information and documentation about alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law in Ethiopia committed since 3 November 2020. New Deadline - 21 August 2022. See: The format (Word version) may be downloaded from here; submission through the above OHCHR... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia, the silence that fell on Tigray “is killing an entire people”

Avvenire (Italy), 20 July 2022: Etiopia, il silenzio calato sul Tigrai «sta uccidendo un intero popolo» Paolo Lambruschi; Wednesday 20 July 2022 Local Church and NGOs denounce the delays in the arrival of aid: there is a lack of food and medicines, hospitals are exhausted: "The sick, the children and the pregnant women suffer"... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (05 July 2022)

Dear reader, In June, despite the black-out imposed by Ethiopian authorities, determined international reporters could at last reach Tigray.  On July 2, ARTE TV broadcasted their documentary film: “Tigray: in the land of hunger”. You may watch it in French, or in German – parts are spoken in English and Tigrinya. ARTE has informed that “due to legal restrictions”,... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (21 June 2022)

Dear reader, Despite showcasing of aid convoys, most of Tigray is still in famine-like conditions. On 16 June, OCHA’s situation report noted that due to a lack of essential services and functioning markets, as well as an inability to bring in sufficient supplies, fuel, and cash to Tigray, limited access to people in hard-to-reach areas, and a lack... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (23 May 2022)

Dear reader, We must examine the devastating starvation in Tigray once again in this digest (section 1). We also point out that Tigray's blockade may result in renewed warfare; hence the mobilization of the Tigray army (section 2). A number of scientific publications about the Tigray conflict have been written by academics (section 3). The recording of Howard... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (09 April 2022)

Despite the co-evolving dramatic war in Ukraine, we hope that you have seen the information in the media on ethnic cleansing in Western Tigray (section 1) and the Tigray war death rate estimates (section 2). We further address the upcoming cropping season (section 3), as well as the blockade of Tigray, which, despite promises, continues unabated (section 4). Starving... Continue Reading →

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