Analytical report Follow-up

UNHRC-EHRC joint investigation in contrast to ‘Tigray: Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation’

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has delivered an update to the UN Human Rights Council on the situation of human rights in the Tigray region and on progress made in the context of the joint UN and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission investigation. Strangely, we noted the presence of Ethiopia’s attorney general, who acts as a spokesperson for PM Abiy Ahmed. We noted also that the investigators did not visit Aksum, Idaga Hamus, Adigrat, Mahbere Dego, Debre Abbay and so many other places where the worst things happened.

The attached map represents the locations visited by the joint investigation, against a background of the locations of the 256 reported massacres. The tabiyas (municipalities) where civilians were killed are represented in reddish colour. The full list of reported massacres can be found in Annex A of the Tigray Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation –

Jan Nyssen
Professor, Ghent University

Emnet Negash
PhD Candidate, Ghent University

Robin Ghekiere
Intern, Ghent University

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