Call for witnesses: Bete Mulu and Welkait Massacre

There is a worrisome Facebook post by “Kbrab Z Welkayit Tegde”, most probably a woreda administration member in the Amhara occupied Western Tigray. On 31 October, Kbrab Z stated that in the village of “Bet Molo” (Bete Mulu, near May Gaba), several Tigrayans had been arrested because of aiding the Tigray fighters. They would have carried weapons, and fuel, presumably to Tigray and returned carrying Tigray flags, coffee, gesho and pepper. “We have dealt with these thirty people”, the statement says. Photos are displayed of a 55-year old emaciated woman who would have carried three grenades, and a young man, identified as Kiros Hadish, holding a thin plastic bag with whitish powder, said to be poison that he was willing to drop in water reservoirs. The Facebook post has been archived here:

An old woman at May Gaba police station accused of having bombs

On 26 October already, our colleague Emnet had posted on Twitter: “We hear continued human suffering in Western Tigray. Many inhabitants including pregnant women native to Welkait, Mezega, & Maigaba are being killed, tortured, kept in custody, & their cattle herd looted…”

The statement “we have dealt with 30 people” makes us fear the worst. Any information about what has happened in Bete Mulu and Welkait by the end of October 2021 may be sent to the confidential email address:

We thank you!

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