Humanitarian situation in Tigray (25 August 2022)

Journalist and opinion maker Tsedale Lemma: “Whether the conflict spreads or not, things can hardly get any worse for Tigrayan civilians. Whether they die of a bullet or of a siege…” in The New York Times: Fighting Erupts in Northern Ethiopia, Shattering Cease-Fire!

Dear reader,

Unfortunately, yesterday war has flared up at the Tigray border. At this stage, it is not sure whether this will settle down or evolve into another full-scale war.

Some other essential media pieces:

Reuters: Fighting erupts along border of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region

Associated Press: ‘Large-scale’ fighting shatters lull in Ethiopia’s Tigray

BBC: Ethiopia’s Tigray war: Fresh fighting shatters humanitarian truce

UMD media: Analysis by Kjetil Tronvoll

The New York Times: Fighting Erupts in Northern Ethiopia, Shattering Cease-Fire

In a short twitter thread, colleague Kjetil Tronvoll also summarised the situation.

Kjetil Tronvoll:

Are we inching towards a new large-scale military offensive in northern Ethiopia? Multiple sources are reporting massive ENDF (Ethiopian army) troop build-up along the Tigray borders, at the same time as the African Union (AU)-led peace mediation has stalled.

PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia has so far played the AU – US – EU peace envoys skillfully, simultaneously as he has mitigated the domestic political pressure. If a new large-scale offensive on Tigray is launched, what will the international community do? Do they have any “plan B” for failed mediation?

Question: ENDF or Amhara state militia? ENDF has lost a lot of men and equipment.

KT: Addis has worked diligently to recruit and train new troops since the declaration of «humanitarian truce» earlier this year.

Question: Still, heavy equipment must have been a problem, who supplied this?

KT: Usual suspects…

See also: 

Follow up communication compiled by Prof. Dr. Jan Nyssen.

Jan Nyssen is full professor of Geography at Ghent University (Belgium). Besides numerous scientific publications mostly related to Ethiopia, he published two books: “ካብ ሓረስቶት ደጉዓ ተምቤን እንታይ ንስምዕ”? “What do we hear from the farmers in Dogu’a Tembien”? [in Tigrinya] (2016), and “Geo Trekking in Ethiopia’s Tropical Mountains, the Dogu’a Tembien District”. Springer GeoGuide (2019).


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