Humanitarian situation in Tigray (17 August 2022)

URGENT: The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia has extended the deadline to submit information and documentation about alleged violations and abuses of international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law in Ethiopia committed since 3 November 2020. New Deadline – 21 August 2022. See: The format (Word version) may be downloaded from here; submission through the above OHCHR… Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (21 June 2022)

Dear reader, Despite showcasing of aid convoys, most of Tigray is still in famine-like conditions. On 16 June, OCHA’s situation report noted that due to a lack of essential services and functioning markets, as well as an inability to bring in sufficient supplies, fuel, and cash to Tigray, limited access to people in hard-to-reach areas, and a lack… Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (23 May 2022)

Dear reader, We must examine the devastating starvation in Tigray once again in this digest (section 1). We also point out that Tigray’s blockade may result in renewed warfare; hence the mobilization of the Tigray army (section 2). A number of scientific publications about the Tigray conflict have been written by academics (section 3). The recording of Howard… Continue Reading →


-2022- Verhoeven, H., & Woldemariam, M. (2022). Who lost Ethiopia? The unmaking of an African anchor state and US foreign policy. Contemporary Security Policy, 1-29. Abraha Hailu Weldegerima, Hagazi Tesfay, Samuel Berhane, Leuner, C.J., 2022: Tigray Siege and its impact on cardiology services in Mekelle University Hospital: a call to action. European Heart Journal, ehac295. Makoni, M.,… Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (09 April 2022)

Despite the co-evolving dramatic war in Ukraine, we hope that you have seen the information in the media on ethnic cleansing in Western Tigray (section 1) and the Tigray war death rate estimates (section 2). We further address the upcoming cropping season (section 3), as well as the blockade of Tigray, which, despite promises, continues unabated (section 4). Starving… Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (12 February 2022)

Dear colleague, With the ongoing blockade, famine and starvation in Tigray (section 1), it is urgent to show our concerns to the world’s public opinion and decision makers. There will be a public demonstration in Brussels on Thursday 17 February (afternoon) on the occasion of the European Union – African Union summit. Ethiopia’s PM Abiy is attending the summit,… Continue Reading →

He’s the worst head of state of the year

Morgenbladet, 7 January 2021: Han er årets verste statsleder [in Norwegian]: ENGLISH TRANSLATION From peace prize to front line: He uses hunger as a weapon against his own population, and experts fear he’s pulling an entire country off the cliff. Meet the worst head of state of the year: Ethiopia’s Prime MinisterAbiy Ahmed. With… Continue Reading →

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