Upcoming events in Ghent (Belgium), related to the Tigray war

There are two upcoming events in Belgium, related to the role of scientists when confronted with wars, including the Tigray War. It happens that both events take place at Ghent University, in the Ledeganck Campus, within walking distance from the railway station (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Karel+Lodewijk+Ledeganckstraat+35,+9000+Gent)  Event 1 – Sunday 26 March A presentation by Jan Nyssen: “TheContinue reading “Upcoming events in Ghent (Belgium), related to the Tigray war”

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (26 January 2023)

Dear reader, A team of eleven researchers, coordinated by the Geography and Environmental Studies department at Mekelle University, have conducted a thorough investigation of the effects of the Tigray War in ten villages in Dogu’a Tembien. The inquiry comprised in-depth group interviews, repeated photography, and field observations. The amount of data gathered is enormous, andContinue reading “Humanitarian situation in Tigray (26 January 2023)”

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (19 December 2022)

In  this 50th digest, we will again address the catastrophic humanitarian situation despite the Tigray deal (section 1), including some testimonies from the ground (section 2). Further, the murders and other human rights infringements at Ethiopian universities made headlines over the last weeks (section 3). Yet, the Ethiopian government tries to establish smokescreens of normality (section 4), but in Tigray the 2022 cropping seasonContinue reading “Humanitarian situation in Tigray (19 December 2022)”

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (08 November 2022)

This digest is largely echoing the Pretoria ceasefire agreement (section 1) between the Ethiopian government and TPLF on 2 November. The context is that the Tigray population has been decimated – literally, between 5 and 10% has been killed through direct murder and starvation; a collective punishment organised by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara governments. The survivorsContinue reading “Humanitarian situation in Tigray (08 November 2022)”

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (26 October 2022)

Dear reader, At least, after two years of war, there are now peace talks ongoing in South Africa (section 1). Further, this Digest addresses the Tigray death toll (section 2), and Ireland’s strong stance in international diplomacy (section 3). There is also the announcement of a webinar “Healthcare in war-torn Tigray” (section 4). Humanitarian air and road access to Tigray was halted dueContinue reading “Humanitarian situation in Tigray (26 October 2022)”

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (25 August 2022)

Journalist and opinion maker Tsedale Lemma: “Whether the conflict spreads or not, things can hardly get any worse for Tigrayan civilians. Whether they die of a bullet or of a siege…” in The New York Times: Fighting Erupts in Northern Ethiopia, Shattering Cease-Fire! Dear reader, Unfortunately, yesterday war has flared up at the Tigray border. At this stage, it is not sureContinue reading “Humanitarian situation in Tigray (25 August 2022)”