BDU vice president timidly admits that Prof. Meareg Amare has been murdered

Jan Nyssen, guest professor at Bahir Dar University (BDU), had an exchange of views with one of BDU’s vice presidents, regarding the murder of BDU’s Prof. Meareg Amare and the situation in Ethiopia in general. Prof. Meareg was killed in Bahir Dar on 3 November 2021, because of his Tigrayan identity. The VP expresses condolences,... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia arrests hundreds of Tigrayans and UN personnel

Now that the Tigrayan rebel army is advancing towards the metropolis of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian government panicks. Hundreds of Tigrayans, including bank directors, priests, elders and children, have been arrested without a clear rationale. De Standaard, 12 November 2021: Ethiopië arresteert honderden Tigreeërs en VN-personeel [in Dutch] Koen VidalFriday 12 November 2021 A pro-governmental... Continue Reading →

Obituary Professor Meareg Amare (1959-2021)

Professor Meareg Amare (1959-2021) Professor Meareg Amare of Bahir Dar University (BDU) has been assassinated because of his Tigrayan identity. Prof. Meareg was born in Aksum in 1959. He obtained a PhD in Chemistry from Addis Ababa University. Since 1979, he has continuously been working in the Amhara region. Professor Meareg was a very hardworking,... Continue Reading →

The endless pain of T. from Tigray

Since this summer, T., a colleague of Joost Dessein, has been trapped in Ethiopia in appalling conditions. It raises the question as to whether Flemish[1] researchers should revise their long-standing collaboration with local universities. Joost Dessein | Associate Professor in Rural Sociology (Ghent University, Belgium), writing in his own name De Standaard (Belgium), Thursday, 4... Continue Reading →

One year of war in Tigray: blockade, famine and counter-offensive

English translation of an article published on INFO (French): Daniel Fontaine | 2/11/2021 A year after the outbreak of war in Tigray, fear seems to have changed sides. Tigrayan fighters have regained control of most of their region and are now advancing to the south, and to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. On November 4,... Continue Reading →

In Tigray, a population dies and the world is silent

It has been almost a year since the armed conflict ravaging Tigray broke out. There are already thousands of deaths, two million exiles and millions of civilians in immediate need of humanitarian assistance. The international community can no longer remain silent. English translation of an op-ed article published on Le Soir: archived as Continue Reading →

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