Humanitarian situation in Tigray (31 August 2021)

Dear friends, This circular letter highlights the problematics of the investigation on human rights abuses in Tigray (section 1). Further, of course, there is famine in Tigray – we also discuss how the farmers try to avoid a second failed harvest due to the war (section 2). Section 3 is then about the situation of the universities in Tigray... Continue Reading →

Seppe Deckers (KU Leuven) and Jan Nyssen (UGent) on food as a weapon in Ethiopia

'The famine in Tigray is due to themselves, that’s the reasoning' English translation of an article published in MO* (Belgium): Erik Raspoet . August 14, 2021 Tiebei Negash covers mouth and nose to avoid the smell of rotting bodies in her village Shiw’ate Higum, Tigray, 10 July 2021. ©Reuters / Giulia Paravicini They share... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (08 Aug 2021)

Dear friends and colleagues, This Tigray digest holds an update on Tigray’s universities (section 1), yesterday’s briefs published by the Government of Tigray (section 2), and a link to the latest FewsNet report (section 3). There are also links to press articles (section 4), particularly related to the humanitarian situation and aid that continues only to trickle into Tigray,... Continue Reading →

People’s Front of Tigray conquers ancient king town of Lalibela in neighboring Ethiopian province of Amhara

English translation of the VRT NWS (Belgium) article published on 5 August 2021: The churches of Lalibela are not built, but carved into the rock. usage worldwide In Ethiopia, troops from Tigray are said to have captured the well-known city of Lalibela. That city with its underground rock churches is a UNESCO World Heritage... Continue Reading →

A few months ago, the rebels in Tigray seemed defeated, now they are threatening to cut off supplies to Addis Ababa. How is this possible?

English translation of the article published in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the leading newspaper in Switzerland: Reconstruction of a dramatic – but explainable – turn. Samuel Misteli, Nairobi 23.07.2021 They made one of the most amazing comebacks in recent military history: a fighter of the Tigray rebels near the locality of Hawzen. Ben Curtis/AP At... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (23 July 2021)

Dear friends, This 29th digest focuses on some news from Tigray despite the near-total blackout (section 1), the situation at Mekelle University (section 2), the dire conditions of Western Tigray (section 3). We use the German case, as an example to mention the diplomatic efforts (section 4), and further include links to some major press articles (section 5) and opinion pieces... Continue Reading →

‘Starving Tigray is Abiy’s new strategy’

English translation of the article published on Knack (Belgium): The Ethiopian army was driven out of Tigray. Or has it withdrawn for humanitarian reasons, as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claims? Eight months ago, a civil war broke out in the Ethiopian state of Tigray, accompanied by massacres, mass rapes, refugee flows and famine. The Ethiopian... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (29 June 2021)

Dear friend, We all feel cautiously relieved, now that Mekelle and most of Tigray have been liberated (section 1). At least the people can breathe, the farmers can work on their land, but numerous challenges remain. This is a victory of all the people of Tigray: the peaceful resistance to protect Mekelle’s Ayder Hospital (section 2), the... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (22 June 2021)

Dear friends, This circular letter addresses the changing military situation in Tigray and the consequences for the humanitarian situation (section 1), the status of land preparation for the next cropping season (section 2), the international investigations of war crimes in Ethiopia (section 3), media (section 4) and opinion articles (section 5). Military developments and humanitarian situation in Tigray The military... Continue Reading →

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