Mekelle Foresight with Jan Nyssen, Researcher and Professor of Geography

Tigrai TV, 4 May 2022 - FULLY REFERENCED TRANSCRIPT Michael Menassie (MM): Hello, and welcome to Mekelle Foresight. This is Michael Menassie, producer and host of the show. My guest today is Professor Jan Nyssen of Ghent University. The research team he heads has recently uncovered a map prepared by a German atlas printing... Continue Reading →

Testimony at the Tigray demonstration in Brussels on 17 February 2022

by Jan Nyssen Video of the full speech: have been addedMinor edits and clarifications between square brackets Good afternoon. My name is Jan, and I am a professor at Ghent University, here in Belgium. I have been carrying out research in Tigray since almost 30 years now, that is since 19941. We went there... Continue Reading →

UNHRC-EHRC joint investigation in contrast to ‘Tigray: Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation’

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has delivered an update to the UN Human Rights Council on the situation of human rights in the Tigray region and on progress made in the context of the joint UN and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission investigation. Strangely, we noted the presence of Ethiopia’s attorney general, who acts as a spokesperson... Continue Reading →

In the Tigray war, rape is a weapon

English translation of the article published on De Tijd (Belgium), 9 April 2021 Sarah Lamote09 April 2021 17:05 Five months after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed began his "brief battle" against the northern Tigray region, more and more testimonies of extreme sexual violence are coming out. When she tried to flee with her 14-year-old... Continue Reading →

‘Thousands of civilians deliberately executed in Tigray’

INTERVIEW SOFIE ANNYS English translation of an interview article published in De Standaard (Dutch), 6 April 2021. Even more than the Ethiopian army, Eritrean soldiers are responsible for many civilian deaths in the war zone of Tigray. This is the conclusion of a detailed study by geographers from Ghent University. Koen VidalTuesday 6 April 2021... Continue Reading →

The Genocidal war on Tigray: an opinion by Prof. Dr. Kjetil Tronvoll

Note: This is an opinion piece directly published from twitter thread (Feb 27, 2021): "As a professor of human rights, one should be very careful to use the term genocide, the most serious international crime existing." Professor Kjetil Tronvoll is professor of peace and conflict studies at Bjørknes College in Oslo and has researched Ethiopia... Continue Reading →

Map of civilian victims in the Tigray war

“Related to civilian damage, maximum caution was taken. In just 3 weeks of fighting, in any district, in Humera, Adi Goshu, … Aksum, …, Edaga Hamus, …. The defence forces never killed a single civilian in a single town. No soldier from any country could display better competence.” Those were the words of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in... Continue Reading →

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