Ethiopia, the silence that fell on Tigray “is killing an entire people”

Avvenire (Italy), 20 July 2022: Etiopia, il silenzio calato sul Tigrai «sta uccidendo un intero popolo» Paolo Lambruschi; Wednesday 20 July 2022 Local Church and NGOs denounce the delays in the arrival of aid: there is a lack of food and medicines, hospitals are exhausted: "The sick, the children and the pregnant women suffer"... Continue Reading →

In Eritrea, men flee their military service by bicycle

It seemed like a fairy tale, how Biniam Girmay became the first African ever to win Ghent-Wevelgem classic cycle race. A super talent from a cycling crazy country. But the reason why cycle racing is so popular in Eritrea turns out to be a lot less fairytale-like. De Morgen (Belgium), 29 March 2021: In Eritrea... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia arrests hundreds of Tigrayans and UN personnel

Now that the Tigrayan rebel army is advancing towards the metropolis of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian government panicks. Hundreds of Tigrayans, including bank directors, priests, elders and children, have been arrested without a clear rationale. De Standaard, 12 November 2021: Ethiopië arresteert honderden Tigreeërs en VN-personeel [in Dutch] Koen VidalFriday 12 November 2021 A pro-governmental... Continue Reading →

The endless pain of T. from Tigray

Since this summer, T., a colleague of Joost Dessein, has been trapped in Ethiopia in appalling conditions. It raises the question as to whether Flemish[1] researchers should revise their long-standing collaboration with local universities. Joost Dessein | Associate Professor in Rural Sociology (Ghent University, Belgium), writing in his own name De Standaard (Belgium), Thursday, 4... Continue Reading →

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