Door is only ajar for outside world in Ethiopian state of Tigray

English Translation of a broadcast article on NOS (Netherlands Television), 21 May 2021: Editor's note: This article tends to take a pro-Abiy bias; yet they got all kinds of obstacles when reporting. NOS Elles van Gelder and Sven Torfinn After more than six months of applications, Africa correspondent Elles van Gelder and cameraman Sven... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: The people of Tuhuli, in Tigray, tell the story of hell

English translation of a broadcast article on Radio France International: Many women in Tuhuli in Tigray were raped during the attack (illustration image) AFP Published: 05/17/2021 - 04:28 A new series of abuses was reportedly perpetrated by the Ethiopian army in TigrAY. The conflict between the federal army and the former provincial power of the... Continue Reading →

‘I fear that Ethiopia as we know it today will no longer exist’

English translation of an article originally published in Dutch in MO* Magazine: Tom Claes . 8 May 2021 Winning the Nobel Peace Prize and plunging your country into civil war within a year: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pulled it off. Norwegian Ethiopia expert Kjetil Tronvoll explains how the conflict in the Tigray region... Continue Reading →

Report: “Tigray (Ethiopia) residents are deliberately starved on a large scale as a weapon of war”

English translation of the article published on vrt NWS (Dutch), 06 April 2021: The inhabitants of Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, are starving and circumstantial evidence suggests that this is done consciously and on a large scale. This is stated in a report published today by the World Peace Foundation, a research group... Continue Reading →

‘Thousands of civilians deliberately executed in Tigray’

INTERVIEW SOFIE ANNYS English translation of an interview article published in De Standaard (Dutch), 6 April 2021. Even more than the Ethiopian army, Eritrean soldiers are responsible for many civilian deaths in the war zone of Tigray. This is the conclusion of a detailed study by geographers from Ghent University. Koen VidalTuesday 6 April 2021... Continue Reading →

The civil war in Tigray is becoming more and more like the Rwandan genocide

English translation of the article published on Trouw (The Netherlands):   A year after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he is also held responsible for heinous war crimes in the renegade Tigray region. ‘He could even be complicit in genocide.’ Erik van Zwam 23 March 2021, 8:50 Some reports from... Continue Reading →

In Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announces the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray

English translation of the article published on Le Monde (leading French newspaper) The head of the Ethiopian government had admitted on 24 March the presence of the Eritrean army in Tigray, a border region that has been plagued by fighting since November. Le Monde, 26 March 2021 Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on... Continue Reading →

Mass rape in Ethiopia: ‘Not any woman feels safe in Tigray’

English translation of the article published on Libération 21 mars 2021 (one of the leading newspapers in France): "Libération" has collected a series of testimonies of women who were raped by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers in the northern province of the country, which has been embroered in armed conflict since November 2020. by Maria... Continue Reading →

New war and hunger in Ethiopia: What will Norway do in the Security Council?

Note: This is English translation of an opinion piece by Kjetil Tronvoll and Alex De Waal originally published on Bistandsaktuelt, 24 February 2021 OPINION: The world's newest humanitarian catastrophe is under development in the state of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Desperate, tragic stories of suffering and starvation, massacres and death are now beginning to... Continue Reading →

Aksum massacre: “They shot my neighbor. Next to her children. Just like that.”

English translation of the article published on Der Spiegel (Germany), 26 February 2021 They looted and murdered until the bodies piled up: Soldiers from Eritrea committed massacres in the Ethiopian region of Tigray. The SPIEGEL has spoken to survivors. By Fritz SchaapFeb 26, 2021, 5:36 pm Silent testimony: Abandoned shoes of refugees in Tigray.... Continue Reading →

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