About Site

This site is dedicated to partly mirroring the humanitarian crisis in Tigray, which is only getting worse ever since the conflict erupted in November 2020.

The situation is catastrophic not only due to the systematic destruction of the social and economic base of the society, but mainly because about 7 million people in Tigray remain besieged without food, medicine, telephone, electricity, banking or any other essentials.

About 120,000 women and girls were reportedly rapped, and over half a million people are estimated to have died from starvation, lack of medicine and direct killing. In the absence of any actions from the international community, the toll is expected to grow exponentially.

Tigrayans in the diaspora too are dead-walking without hearing from their family and friends in Tigray ever since the conflict started, and denied of all the means to save their loved ones. Life devastated for everyone with a bloodline from Tigray.

Testimonies, situation analysis, and follow-ups are selectively presented on this site. Thank you for visiting!