Ethiopia: Professor worked in the town for 40 years – then he was executed in front of his house

Well-known academics are among the victims of an ethnic hate campaign in Ethiopia targeting civilians. Mass arrests and killings are now happening more and more often. "Norwegian academia must now wake up and face what is going on," says a Norwegian professor. Bistandsaktuelt, 23 November 2021 : Etiopia: Professor jobbet i byen i 40 år –... Continue Reading →

People’s Front of Tigray conquers ancient king town of Lalibela in neighboring Ethiopian province of Amhara

English translation of the VRT NWS (Belgium) article published on 5 August 2021: The churches of Lalibela are not built, but carved into the rock. usage worldwide In Ethiopia, troops from Tigray are said to have captured the well-known city of Lalibela. That city with its underground rock churches is a UNESCO World Heritage... Continue Reading →

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