The endless pain of T. from Tigray

Since this summer, T., a colleague of Joost Dessein, has been trapped in Ethiopia in appalling conditions. It raises the question as to whether Flemish[1] researchers should revise their long-standing collaboration with local universities. Joost Dessein | Associate Professor in Rural Sociology (Ghent University, Belgium), writing in his own name De Standaard (Belgium), Thursday, 4... Continue Reading →

A case for war crimes has been filed with the Belgian Federal Prosecutor

Translation of one sub-section of an article published on Le Soir, the leading French language newspaper in Belgium: Full article in French attached. 91% of the population, or 5.2 million civilians, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. - REUTERS. Complaint to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office As information begins to circulate, questioning the behaviour... Continue Reading →

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