Humanitarian situation in Tigray (22 June 2021)

Dear friends, This circular letter addresses the changing military situation in Tigray and the consequences for the humanitarian situation (section 1), the status of land preparation for the next cropping season (section 2), the international investigations of war crimes in Ethiopia (section 3), media (section 4) and opinion articles (section 5). Military developments and humanitarian situation in Tigray The military... Continue Reading →

Sexual abuse and starvation are used as weapons in Ethiopia

English translation of an opinion piece by Swedish scholars published on Dagens ETC, May 28th 2021 A 15-year-old girl is raped in front of her brother in Shire in northern Ethiopia. Another girl resists and has her arm and leg shot off. Women are gang-raped for days by soldiers. Needles, stones and pieces of plastic are... Continue Reading →

“We’re afraid they’ll come back and kill us all” – Yle’s photos show the cruelty of the Tigray war in Ethiopia

English Translation of a Photo report by YLE newspaper (Finland) sion) In Tigray, warfare by Ethiopians and Eritreans has raised fears of ethnic cleansing. Abraha Gebreanenya lost his entire family in a massacre by Eritreans. Photo: Luke Dray Liselott Lindström 21.6. 15:11 TIGRAY. Abraha Gebreanenya sits squatting and covering his face with a white scarf.... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: “The Tigrayans are brought to their knees and dispossessed of the means to get up”

English translation of an opinion piece by René Lefort published on Lemonde (French): Researcher René Lefort denounces the "scorched earth policy" that has been affecting the province since the federal government declared war on local authorities. Posted on June 03, 2021 A tank abandoned by Tigrayan forces near Mehoni, in northern Ethiopia, in December... Continue Reading →

Youth seeks revenge after testimonies of horrific rapes in Tigray

English Translation of a broadcast article on NOS (Dutch television) Published on: May 31, 2021 A toddler hangs from his mother's skirt at Ayder hospital in Mekelle, the largest city in the northern Ethiopian state of Tigray. The little boy doesn't want to lose sight of his mama. There's panic in his eyes every... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (02 May 2021)

Dear friends, This circular presents the latest edition of the Tigray Atlas, with focus on new maps related to internally displaced persons (section 1); a video evidencing the destruction of Hagere Selam that we mentioned months ago already (section 2); international calls for action, beyond statements of concern (section 3), some announcements (section 4), opinion pieces (section 5), and media... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (23 April 2021)

Destroyed farmers house in central Tigray ©KGL Dear friends, This newsletter focuses on sexual violence in the Tigray war and the upcoming famine (section 1), as well as never-ending massacres (2). We also point to local initiatives organising humanitarian assistance to Tigray (3). There is additional news from Tigray’s universities (4), with Dr. Fana Hagos as... Continue Reading →

In the Tigray war, rape is a weapon

English translation of the article published on De Tijd (Belgium), 9 April 2021 Sarah Lamote09 April 2021 17:05 Five months after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed began his "brief battle" against the northern Tigray region, more and more testimonies of extreme sexual violence are coming out. When she tried to flee with her 14-year-old... Continue Reading →

Report: “Tigray (Ethiopia) residents are deliberately starved on a large scale as a weapon of war”

English translation of the article published on vrt NWS (Dutch), 06 April 2021: The inhabitants of Tigray, a region in northern Ethiopia, are starving and circumstantial evidence suggests that this is done consciously and on a large scale. This is stated in a report published today by the World Peace Foundation, a research group... Continue Reading →

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