Humanitarian situation in Tigray (26 January 2023)

Dear reader, A team of eleven researchers, coordinated by the Geography and Environmental Studies department at Mekelle University, have conducted a thorough investigation of the effects of the Tigray War in ten villages in Dogu'a Tembien. The inquiry comprised in-depth group interviews, repeated photography, and field observations. The amount of data gathered is enormous, and... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (08 November 2022)

This digest is largely echoing the Pretoria ceasefire agreement (section 1) between the Ethiopian government and TPLF on 2 November. The context is that the Tigray population has been decimated – literally, between 5 and 10% has been killed through direct murder and starvation; a collective punishment organised by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara governments. The survivors... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia, the silence that fell on Tigray “is killing an entire people”

Avvenire (Italy), 20 July 2022: Etiopia, il silenzio calato sul Tigrai «sta uccidendo un intero popolo» Paolo Lambruschi; Wednesday 20 July 2022 Local Church and NGOs denounce the delays in the arrival of aid: there is a lack of food and medicines, hospitals are exhausted: "The sick, the children and the pregnant women suffer"... Continue Reading →

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