War-torn Ethiopia: How the civilian population lives under the blockade

There are very few images from the Tigray region since the war began, as a result of Ethiopia denying journalists and photographers access to the region. This image is from a food handout in the town of Shire on March 15 last year. Photo: Baz Ratner / Reuters / NTB What would the situation be... Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: Professor worked in the town for 40 years – then he was executed in front of his house

Well-known academics are among the victims of an ethnic hate campaign in Ethiopia targeting civilians. Mass arrests and killings are now happening more and more often. "Norwegian academia must now wake up and face what is going on," says a Norwegian professor. Bistandsaktuelt, 23 November 2021 : Etiopia: Professor jobbet i byen i 40 år –... Continue Reading →

New war and hunger in Ethiopia: What will Norway do in the Security Council?

Note: This is English translation of an opinion piece by Kjetil Tronvoll and Alex De Waal originally published on Bistandsaktuelt, 24 February 2021 https://www.bistandsaktuelt.no/arkiv-kommentarer/2021/ny-krig-og-sultdod-i-etiopia-hva-gjor-norge-i-sikkerhetsradet/ OPINION: The world's newest humanitarian catastrophe is under development in the state of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Desperate, tragic stories of suffering and starvation, massacres and death are now beginning to... Continue Reading →

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