Humanitarian situation in Tigray (05 July 2022)

Dear reader, In June, despite the black-out imposed by Ethiopian authorities, determined international reporters could at last reach Tigray.  On July 2, ARTE TV broadcasted their documentary film: “Tigray: in the land of hunger”. You may watch it in French, or in German – parts are spoken in English and Tigrinya. ARTE has informed that “due to legal restrictions”,... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (13 March 2022)

Dear friends, It is difficult times, with even more warfare in the world. This digest touches upon similarities between the Ukraine and Tigray wars (section 5), while focusing on the mortality induced by the Tigray war (section 1); as an example, we also try to grasp all that has happened in one of Tigray’s districts, around Hagere... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (12 October 2021)

Dear reader, Renewed warfare, ”all out war” seems real again, which will strongly add upon the suffering of the populations in and around Tigray. In this 33rd digest, we address in the first place hunger and starvation in Tigray (section 1). Directly related, we have published version 2.1 of the Tigray Atlas (section 2). The communication blackout makes that receiving news... Continue Reading →

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