Humanitarian situation in Tigray (09 April 2022)

Despite the co-evolving dramatic war in Ukraine, we hope that you have seen the information in the media on ethnic cleansing in Western Tigray (section 1) and the Tigray war death rate estimates (section 2). We further address the upcoming cropping season (section 3), as well as the blockade of Tigray, which, despite promises, continues unabated (section 4). Starving... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (12 February 2022)

Dear colleague, With the ongoing blockade, famine and starvation in Tigray (section 1), it is urgent to show our concerns to the world’s public opinion and decision makers. There will be a public demonstration in Brussels on Thursday 17 February (afternoon) on the occasion of the European Union – African Union summit. Ethiopia’s PM Abiy is attending the summit,... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian situation in Tigray (02 May 2021)

Dear friends, This circular presents the latest edition of the Tigray Atlas, with focus on new maps related to internally displaced persons (section 1); a video evidencing the destruction of Hagere Selam that we mentioned months ago already (section 2); international calls for action, beyond statements of concern (section 3), some announcements (section 4), opinion pieces (section 5), and media... Continue Reading →

The civil war in Tigray is becoming more and more like the Rwandan genocide

English translation of the article published on Trouw (The Netherlands):   A year after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he is also held responsible for heinous war crimes in the renegade Tigray region. ‘He could even be complicit in genocide.’ Erik van Zwam 23 March 2021, 8:50 Some reports from... Continue Reading →

Mass rape in Ethiopia: ‘Not any woman feels safe in Tigray’

English translation of the article published on Libération 21 mars 2021 (one of the leading newspapers in France): "Libération" has collected a series of testimonies of women who were raped by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers in the northern province of the country, which has been embroered in armed conflict since November 2020. by Maria... Continue Reading →

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