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New war and hunger in Ethiopia: What will Norway do in the Security Council?

Note: This is English translation of an opinion piece by Kjetil Tronvoll and Alex De Waal originally published on Bistandsaktuelt, 24 February 2021 OPINION: The world’s newest humanitarian catastrophe is under development in the state of Tigray in northern Ethiopia. Desperate, tragic stories of suffering and starvation, massacres and death are now beginning to […]

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The Genocidal war on Tigray: an opinion piece by Prof. Dr. Kjetil Tronvoll

Note: This is an opinion article directly published from twitter thread (Feb 27, 2021): “As a professor of human rights, one should be very careful to use the term genocide, the most serious international crime existing.” Are we witnessing a genocidal campaign by Eritrean forces in the war in Tigray Ethiopia? The atrocities committed and […]